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Other's see what's there and think 'why?'
We imagine what's not there, and think 'why not?'

Let us build your online presence while you focus on your actual business
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We only do what we love

Mobile App Development

We expertise in Mobile App Development. With experts in mobile UI UX, we design experiences your customers fall in love with.

Payment Facilitators

Automate your revenues by integrating a payment gateway into your business system.

Data Analytics

Your Data has a story to tell, and we can read that story like a Tinkle Magazine. Come hear us out.

Artificial Intelligence

The only problem we need to solve is human, and only a human can do this. We expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks.

We Code your App

We write all the complex codes on your business requirements.
Any Feature
less than 3 days

Dedicate yourself to the things
that really matter

We take care of your online presence and give you continuous Analytics reports and updates. So you can take care of the things that really matter in your business. We run tests and prediction analysis on your data and give you insights on how your growth will look like a few days, months or sometimes years down the line. All the modern companies rely on their data to grow, its time for you too.

How Klistek works ?



We come to you during the idea phase. After multiple meetings and cups of coffee's, together with the client and the experts from Klistek, we give your idea a shape and a vision. This is the building grounds for the product, and hence we take special interest and enthusiasm while working on this. The better the idea is, the better the motivation throughout the team and our client.


Our Analysts go to the ground and do thorough research on all the resources available and the competitors. From information like how hard it will be for us to rank on the first page of Google Search to what keywords we can target. Our Analysts are thorough and accurate. They don't leave a single stone unturned.

Digital Presence

We start building your digital presence, be it your website or your Mobile App. One thing we learned over the years of product development is that always be quick to launch to the market, the MVP theory. And look and feel matters, we know it's not right to judge a book by its cover, but as the cover makers, we make sure our cover is the best in town. UI-UX has been our mainstream subject for years now.


The ball goes back to the court of our Analyst, who starts running different algorithms on your data. We start understanding the user flow, the common trends in your website or app. We gain insights on how your users are using the app, and more importantly how they are not using the application. This is where the Analysts shine, only they can tell you the story that you couldn't read yourself. And we do it beautifully, we just love telling stories.


Now that our systems are set, it's time we proceed. We at Klistek understand only building a product is not the only part. It's about making profits and continuing the business efficiently. That is why we help you automate your work. The computer is the cheapest resource you can hire, and its error-free (If developed by the right minds). Other than the other advantages of bragging that our company is run by robots, AI is also a very cost-effective solution for any company in the long run.


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